SNP genotyping

Single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) may cause a disease or predispose an individual to a disease. High-throughput screening of known SNPs in a large set of samples offers opportunities to study the impact of such variants on for example disease predisposition. At Biogazelle qPCR is applied for high-throughput targeted SNP genotyping in DNA.

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post-doctoral researcher at Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara, Romania

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High-throughput targeted SNP genotyping with qPCR

While SNP genotyping on a genome-scale is currently dominated by microarrays and to a lesser extent massively parallel sequencing, detection of a targeted selection of SNPs is mainly done by qPCR. qPCR using hydrolysis probes is the most commonly used PCR method for genotyping. Biogazelle offers medium and large-scale genotyping studies using TaqMan SNP Genotyping Assays.

Targeted SNP genotyping at Biogazelle

  • including sample preparation
  • high-throughput targeted SNP genotyping with qPCR using TaqMan SNP Genotyping Assays
  • 160,000 off-the-shelf human SNP Genotyping Assays and 10,000 predesigned mouse SNP Genotyping Assays available
  • including the TaqMan Drug Metabolism Enzyme Genotyping Assays: a comprehensive collection of assays optimized for genotyping SNPs, insertions and deletions, and multi-nucleotide polymorphisms in drug metabolism related genes
  • if no assay for your gene of interest is available, we design and validate a custom SNP genotyping assay
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