Digital PCR Services

Digital PCR (dPCR) enables nucleic acid quantification with superior accuracy, precision and relative sensitivity. This technology excels in:

  • quantification of low abundant genes or small differences
  • absolute quantification
  • gene copy number variation (CNV)
  • vector copy number (VCN) determination in the context of adoptive cell therapies such as CAR-T
  • rare event detection, such as cancer gene mutations

As absolute concentrations are determined, data can be easily interpreted and compared across different samples and experiments, especially in a clinical setting.

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digital-PCR“My key reasons for choosing Biogazelle as a service provider is
Biogazelle's expertise with qPCR and ddPCR, and the possibility to
perform ddPCR feasibility studies.”

Principal Research Scientist at top 10 pharma company (Belgian division)

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Applications of digital PCR

Over the years, Biogazelle has performed various dPCR projects for its customers, both in research and clinical trial settings, including:

  • mutation detection and copy number analysis on cell-free DNA and DNA extracted from FFPE tissue for cancer diagnostics and monitoring of patient response to treatment
  • quantification of pathogenic organisms
  • splice variant quantification
  • quantification of reference materials used in GMO analysis
  • gene copy number quantification to determine the stability of transgenic cells or organisms
  • analysis of the biodistribution of CAR T-cells in preclinical models
  • various additional customized dPCR-based applications
As an expert dPCR service provider, Biogazelle supports any dPCR-based application, using either off-the-shelf qPCR assays or including custom primer design.

Biogazelle is a digital PCR expert

Biogazelle is at the forefront of dPCR-based research, as it was one of the first European laboratories that had access to the technology in 2012. Biogazelle’s co-founders Dr Jan Hellemans and Prof. Jo Vandesompele are co-authors on the digital MIQE guidelines. Biogazelle is also serving as a reference laboratory for Bio-Rad’s QX200 Digital Droplet PCR system in Europe and uses its experience to provide digital PCR services, including dPCR assay design using our proprietary primerXL design engine. Digital PCR services are performed in an ISO17025 accredited environment and following the good clinical laboratory practice (GCLP) guidelines, allowing us to analyze samples in clinical trials.

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