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When possible, we perform qPCR and digital PCR studies with validated off-the-shelf assays; leveraging commercially available high-quality designs. However, on some occasions, no off-the-shelf assay might be available, or you prefer to gain full ownership over the assays used in your study. This is where Biogazelle's proprietary primer design engine primerXL comes into play.

Using this validated primer design engine, Biogazelle has developed the most comprehensive portfolio of wet lab validated Research Use Only (RUO) qPCR assays for human, mouse, rat. The assays are commercialized by Bio-Rad under the PrimePCR brand. Assay development was performed using our primerXL pipeline incorporating state-of-the-art in silico assay validation.

small-diagnostic-services“We have enjoyed a close relationship in development of assay content. They are experts in this area.”
Product Manager New Product Development at Bio-Rad Laboratories

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Using our proprietary and ISO17025 accredited primerXL design engine, we design best-in-class PCR primers and probes. primerXL takes into account secondary structures that impact PCR efficiency, SNPs in primer annealing regions that impact robustness and accuracy, transcript diversity, and ultimate specificity by avoiding putative off-target amplification. All assays are standard wet lab validated to ensure high level performance in terms of sensitivity, specificity, amplification efficiency, linear dynamic range and linearity of the standard curve. We trust on our profound knowledge and many years of experience when developing and validating PCR assays that fulfil the end-user requirements.

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PCR primer design at Biogazelle

  • using our proprietary ISO17025 accredited primerXL design engine
  • wet lab validation beyond industry standards
  • resulting in best-in-class PCR primers and probes
  • for analysis of (transcript-specific) gene expression, copy number variation and sequence variants such as mutations and fusion genes
  • for digital PCR and qPCR
  • optimizing PCR efficiency, robustness and accuracy and specificity
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