Copy number analysis

Copy number changes under the form of deletions, duplications or amplifications are known to be involved in numerous genetic diseases. Digital PCR is the method of choice of gene copy number analysis in DNA. Due to its high resolution, digital PCR has advantages for accurate discrimination between higher copy numbers, e.g. 6 from 7 copies, but also for regular gene copy number quantification (1 vs. 2 vs. 3).

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small-copy-number-analysisGene copy number analysis with highest resolution and accuracy on
clinically relevant samples using best-in-class digital PCR assays.

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Accurate copy number analysis with digital PCR

The combination of our front running expertise in digital PCR, our best-in-class assay design capabilities and our ISO17025 accredited and GCLP-compliant lab environment makes Biogazelle the preferred partner for all your gene copy number analysis studies, both in a research and clinical setting. Digital PCR based copy number screening offers important advantages compare to qPCR:

  • high accuracy, without requirement for calibrator or reference sample
  • high resolution due to high precision
  • straightforward cross-laboratory data interpretation

Our copy number analysis solution

  • all kinds of samples including the most relevant clinical samples: fixed tissues (FFPE) and liquid biopsies, such as plasma and urine
  • including sample preparation
  • more than 10,000 off-the-shelf copy number assays available, including assays for the most commonly amplified genes in cancer, such as MYC, HER2/ERBB2, AR, MET, EGFR and CCND1
  • if no assay for your gene of interest is available, we design and validate a custom assay
  • for human, mouse and rat
  • we assist in the selection of the most appropriate quantification method, and in experiment design, including the selection of a proper normalization strategy
  • in an ISO17025 accredited and GCLP-compliant environment
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