From the archives: the idea behind the Biogazelle logo

on April 25, 2018

In March 2013, we announced a completely new visual identity and matching website, heralding a new phase in our growth as a young and dynamic company.

Today, it is exactly 65 years ago that the first publication detailed the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) based on the beautiful X-ray images from Franklin and Gosling (Nature 171, 740-741; April 25, 1953). And it is particularly this image that inspired us for our logo. Obviously, as a PCR solution company, we work with nucleic acids all the time, but wanted to step away from the icon that DNA is a double helix.

X-ray image of DNA made by Franklin and Gosling (left), letter "O" from Biogazelle (right)

Also our 'acidic' colors provide a subtle hint to DNA, or did we all forgot that DNA is in fact a chemical acid? It was Richard Altmann in the late 19th century who introduced the name ‘nucleic acid’, upon the discovery of its acidic properties (DNA is a phosphoric acid).

Finally, we have incorporated rounded shapes in most of our imagery as this shape is so abundant in a PCR laboratory environment; just think of the wells in a PCR plate, droplets, molecules, etc.


Originally published March 14 2013, updated April 25 2018