Biogazelle launches novel high-throughput RNA sequencing and data analysis services

on March 5, 2020

Biogazelle NV, has announced today the launch of HTPathwaySeq and HTTargetSeq, two novel, cost-effective, high-throughput RNA sequencing and data analysis services.

HTPathwaySeq generates in-depth information on drug mode of action, highlights molecular similarities between compounds and reveals potential compound-induced toxicities. Altogether, HTPathwaySeq provides critical data for candidate prioritization for further drug development.

HTTargetSeq supports the development of RNA targeting oligonucleotides such as short interfering RNAs (siRNA) and antisense oligonucleotides (ASO). HTTargetSeq addresses a key challenge in oligonucleotide drug development – accurate off-target gene identification – important for anticipation of safety issues as well as for the potential repurposing of such off-target genes as novel therapeutic targets.

Both HTPathwaySeq and HTTargetSeq are performed directly on cell lysates from 96-well culture plates. A typical experiment assesses 94 conditions plus internal controls in quadruplicate (384 samples). To facilitate data interpretation results are shared through Savanna, Biogazelle’s proprietary visualization app.

According to Mieke van Acker, Biogazelle CEO, “HTPathwaySeq and HTTargetSeq enable our customers to exploit an unprecedented volume of data on the molecular phenotype of their lead compounds, helping them to make informed decisions earlier in the drug discovery process and to increase chance for success. By offering these novel services, we are strengthening our position as leading genomics and transcriptomics specialists, supported by our strong track record and excellent customer satisfaction rates.”

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