Evaluation of candidate-biomarkers predictive of therapy response or resistance using digital PCR on plasma-derived cell-free DNA

Case Study

Servier is a French pharmaceutical group and key-player in oncology. For their LONSURF pipeline, they have initiated a phase I dose escalation study with the exploratory objective to evaluate biomarkers that may predict response and resistance to LONSURF in combination therapy. To this end, Biogazelle used digital PCR to quantify cancer gene mutations in patient plasma samples.

The analyses were preceeded by custom assay and method validation for the mutations of interest, introducing extensive quality control of the experimental procedures. The successful relationship between Biogazelle and Servier will be continued through mutation testing in the frame of an ongoing phase IIa clinical trial, also with the aim to evaluate biomarkers predictive of response and resistance to LONSURF in combination therapy.

"We are very satisfied with how this project is managed at Biogazelle. The project managers at Biogazelle again show off their high level of expertise and open communication. As this project is running well, we are keen on working with Biogazelle on future clinical projects"

Dr Brian Lockhart, Director of Biotechnology, Servier, France


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