Biogazelle helps DNAlytics give arthritis patients an accurate, early diagnosis

Case Study

Biogazelle helps DNAlytics give arthritis patients an accurate, early diagnosis

After suffering an abrupt service termination by their previous PCR provider, DNAlytics needed a trustworthy and experienced partner to perform the wet lab work for their diagnostic kit for arthritis patients. Their search criteria were strict, and only Biogazelle could offer everything they needed. Biogazelle provided a seamless transition for DNAlytics that allowed them to return their focus to business-critical activities.

The Client

DNAlytics uses its data mining platform to develop innovative data-driven personalized medicine solutions. Their first product, RheumaKit, enables the differential diagnosis of patients with arthritis. RheumaKit combines a sample collection kit, a centralized laboratory process to extract a transcriptome signature from the sample, and a web-based application with an embedded predictive model. The kit also allows a characterization of the activity of several metabolic pathways, feeding the rheumatologist’s therapeutic strategy.

The Challenge

When their previous provider discontinued their qPCR services due to a sudden merger and acquisition, DNAlytics needed to find a new partner they could trust to perform the wet lab analysis for their diagnostics test, RheumaKit.

DNAlytics didn’t want to invest internally in this expertise. Instead, they sought a provider with a good reputation, together with the molecular biology knowledge and experience that complemented their own data science expertise.

They needed that provider to have a robust structure to reliably implement the routine operations of their in vitro diagnostics test. Only Biogazelle was able to meet these strict criteria.

"We had to find a partner with a high level of expertise, a good reputation and a technology that was not far from what we were doing. And with all that criteria, only Biogazelle fitted."

Dr Thibault Helleputte, founder and CEO of DNAlytics

The Solution

Despite the complexity of the system that needed to be put in place, Biogazelle made the transition easy for DNAlytics. In addition to having exceptional knowledge of the technology they needed, we were also able to provide DNAlytics with vital operational advice.

This specific scientific and technical advice enabled DNAlytics to continually improve their operating procedures and decide on future attention points. Our team provided DNAlytics with the support not just of technicians, but of real scientists.

"We didn’t encounter any real issue in the transfer of the technology. So that was really nice."

Dr Thibault Helleputte, founder and CEO of DNAlytics

The Results

DNAlytics initially selected Biogazelle because our technology platform was aligned with their needs, and we had a best in class reputation. They then encountered a team that really cared about the projects they were running. Our reliability, proactivity, and high level of communication were all fundamental to providing excellent customer service.

Biogazelle provided DNAlytics with a smooth, stress-free transition from their previous provider. Since the transition period, our expertise in performing the routine testing for the in vitro diagnostics enabled DNAlytics to focus back on their core business – offering patients suffering from undifferentiated arthritis with an accurate, early diagnosis.

"Biogazelle really cares about the projects they are running; they are proactive, maintaining a good level of communication. And that is appreciated."

Dr Thibault Helleputte, founder and CEO of DNAlytics

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