Better treatment selection through biomarker discovery

Case Study

Accurate treatment selection in metastatic prostate patients is crucial to control cancer spread and to minimize patient symptoms and drug side effects. The lab of prof. Ost at Ghent University Hospital was interested in developing a minimally invasive, blood-based test to select the correct treatment strategy. To this end, Biogazelle performed a miRNA biomarker discovery study on serum samples using its small RNA sequencing workflow optimized for body fluids.

The discovery phase identified several candidate miRNA biomarker signatures, which were subsequently confirmed by Biogazelle using RT-qPCR technology. The signatures are currently being validated in a larger, independent patient cohort. The next step aims to implement this test in the clinic, optimizing treatment selection and therefore improving patients’ quality of life.

"Biogazelle has offered a complete project management pipeline for biomarker discovery and validation with frequent go / no-go decisions. In addition, they offer advanced data-analysis envisaging clinical applications of the discovered biomarkers. A transparent communication allowed for easy follow-up of the project"

Prof. Dr Piet Ost, radiation oncologist, Ghent University Hospital, Belgium


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