Liquid biopsies

Along with the (r)evolution of RNA sequencing technology, researchers began to understand that the transcriptome is not only composed of messenger RNA molecules that are being translated to proteins. A wide range of small and long non-coding RNAs have been detected and their gene regulatory role has been firmly documented. The latest databases provide a striking view to the complexity and extent of the human transcriptome. The complexity of an organism scales positively with the fraction of the non-coding part of the genome. The difference between a human and a worm for example is primarily explained by the large difference in number of expressed non-coding RNAs. Further, non-coding RNA genes have been shown to play an important role in various diseases.

Biogazelle offers a broad portfolio of targeted tests that can be applied on cell-free or circulating DNA for the detection and quantification of specific genomic aberrations. We summarized our expertise on RNA and DNA biomarkers in liquid biopsies in this infographic.

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We are convinced that unraveling the coding and non-coding regions of
the genome will lead to deeper and promising insights that will catalyze
precision medicine.

Learn what we can do for you

Biogazelle has developed unique tools to study liquid biopsies

  • using RNA sequencing and PCR technologies to measure circulating RNA in body fluids
  • starting from small amounts of input material: only 200 µl plasma required
  • experience with various liquid biopsy types (plasma, serum, urine, cerebrospinal fluid) from human, mouse and rat
  • analyse both coding and non-coding RNAs in your liquid biopsies using our optimized workflows
  • converting gene expression profiles into biomarker signatures through our A-to-Z solution for biomarker discovery and test development
  • in ISO17025 accredited & GCLP-compliant labs assuring that generated data are robust and comply with data integrity and data security regulations

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