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Building on more than 15 years of qPCR expertise in assay design, validation and data analysis in an accredited lab, Biogazelle offers diagnostic services on a project basis (e.g. analysis of clinical trial samples) or in a partnership with diagnostic companies missing this specific lab component.

This approach is the natural next step following our test development offer, i.e. development and running of a Lab Developed Test (LDT). Biogazelle does not offer testing of individual samples based on predefined screening panels.


Beyond the scope of mutation analysis where massively parallel sequencing is taking up a more prominent role, PCR is established as the method of choice for molecular genetic analyses. RT-qPCR is best suited to measure the RNA expression level for one or multiple genes used as biomarker. For accurate gene copy number analysis of specific loci of interest and the quantification of rare variants (e.g. monitoring in oncology), digital PCR is the preferred technology.

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