Clinical trials

Personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics have become key in supporting the drug development process, resulting in an emerging need for new biomarkers and genomic and transcriptomic testing in clinical trials.

Biogazelle’s long standing expertise in the field of gene expression, mutation and copy number analysis makes us the preferred partner for all your biomarker and pharmacogenomics studies. Your clinical trials and drug development programs can benefit from the results of those studies in several ways, including better understanding of the inter-individual variability in the response to treatment and the safety and efficacy of the drug and will give you insights into the drug’s mode of action.

Our high throughput laboratories are equipped to analyze large number of samples from the different phases in your clinical trial, according to well-defined protocols. We can measure samples for one specific gene, a limited panel of genes, or a multigene signature, whatever is required in your specific study. We support you with all information needed for sampling, sample handling and shipment. Sample processing and final reporting of the data will be done according to your requisites in a pre-defined timeframe, always to the highest quality standards.

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If you are looking for a lab with internationally recognized and accredited
expertise in PCR and RNA sequencing for running your clinical samples,
Biogazelle is the perfect partner for you.

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