Our expertise

Rely on Biogazelle’s expertise in RNA biomarker discovery, development and validation, our pioneering role in liquid biopsies and non-coding RNA and our experience with clinical trials to accelerate the development of your diagnostics


Biomarker discovery

Biogazelle has broad experience in the design and implementation of RNA biomarker discovery studies. Through the combination of RNA sequencing and advanced model building, our biomarker development platform aims at establishing a complex biomarker integrating gene expression measurements and clinical parameters.

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Biomarker test development

The inclusion biomarkers in clinical trials results in a marked increase in the likelihood to obtain approval for the new drug. Biogazelle can assist in the different phases of biomarker development, be it based on biomarker discovery or prior knowledge of a gene, e.g. insights in the mode of action of a candidate drug, in the disease mechanism or in the molecular subgroups of patients.

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Diagnostic services

Building on more than 15 years of qPCR expertise in assay design, validation and data analysis in an accredited lab, Biogazelle offers diagnostic services on a project basis (e.g. analysis of clinical trial samples) or in a partnership with diagnostic companies missing this specific lab component. 

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Non-coding RNA

Non-coding RNAs (both microRNAs and long non-coding RNAs) offer great untapped potential for developing innovative diagnostic and therapeutic applications. A combination of more than a decade of expertise in the non-coding RNA field with custom developed tools makes Biogazelle a unique partner to support all your non-coding RNA projects.

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Liquid biopsies

Liquid biopsies form the cornerstone of precision medicine, where molecular test are performed on e.g. urine or plasma to establish a diagnosis, assess prognosis, predict response to therapy, monitor treatment response and follow patients over-time. Biogazelle offers a range of applications to measure circulating nucleic acid biomarkers in plasma and other body fluids.

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Clinical trials

If you are looking for a lab with internationally recognized and accredited expertise in PCR and RNA sequencing for running your clinical samples, Biogazelle is the perfect partner for you. Our high-throughput laboratories are ISO17025 accredited and GCLP-compliant  and are equipped to analyze large number of samples from different phases in clinical trials, according to well-defined protocols.

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Data analysis

Biogazelle offers comprehensive analysis of your data, turning data into knowledge. Advanced processing & analysis methods are applied on all types of data we generate. In addition, our team is able to support dedicated and custom analysis, tailored to the specific project needs.

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